Huave Fieldwork, San Mateo del Mar

Oaxaca, Mexico
July 3-25, 2006

Marjorie Pak
Department of Linguistics
University of Pennsylvania

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Map 1. Southern Mexico

Map 2. Detail of outlined area of Map 1. We were in San Mateo del Mar; Huave is also spoken in Santa María, San Francisco and San Dionisio del Mar.

Rolf at main (west) entrance to San Mateo del Mar

Linguistic interview

Linguistic interview

An informant making a fishing net

Marjorie with host family members; cooking pavilion in background

Host family's goats (chivos y borregos)

Day trip to Santa María del Mar (Central plaza; Rolf, Keelan and Yazmin on upper level)

Huave huípiles and formal skirts (more on Huave textiles)

Weavers at artesans' workshop (more on Huave textiles)


Kalüy Ndek (north shore of San Mateo)

Fishermen at Kalüy Ndek

Keelan with kittens

View of Oaxaca city

Zapotec ruins at Monte Albán
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