Song in Huave:
Akokiaw namix nine waar (Five Little Rats)

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Akokiaw namix nine waar
five medium child rat ('five little rats')
Najpex mewiülüw nejiw
gray tail.3pl pro.3pl ('with gray tails')
Amechmech olaag nej
wiggle.3sg ear pro.3sg ('it wiggles its ears')
Amechmech oxing.
wiggle.3sg nose ('it wiggles its nose')

Noik, ijkiaw, arej, apikiw, akokiaw
one, two, three, four, five
Aküerrüw mexotayej
run.3pl hide.sub.refl.3pl ('they run and hide')
Kos aliüka miüsa
because come.3sg cat ('because a cat is coming')
Apmatsam nejiw
eat.fut.3sg pro.3pl ('to eat them')

Spanish original: Cinco ratoncitos / de colita gris / mueve las orejas / mueve la nariz. /
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco / corren al rincón / porque viene el gato / a comer ratón.

Huave orthography is similar to Spanish orthography (j = IPA /h/, etc.).
Exceptions: x is a voiceless alveopalatal fricative (English 'sh'), and ü is a
high central unrounded vowel (IPA /i/, which can be approximated by
pronouncing the /u/ in hoot but without pursing the lips).

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Marjorie Pak
Department of Linguistics
University of Pennsylvania